4 miniatures for violin and piano

I wrote the first two of these four miniatures in 2008 for a concert with the violinist Katrin Becht, from which is the recording you can listen to here.

These two pieces mark the beginning of a more modern musical language that I developed at the time, as my earlier pieces still sounded very classically romantic. With the miniatures I tried to find my own musical language and experiment with harmonies that were still new to me at the time.

Later, in 2010, I wrote two more miniatures and added them to the first two to make it a sonata or suite-like piece. The first and third miniatures are relatively slow, and more or less easy to play, while the other two are more challenging. It is best to play all four miniatures in one go, but it is also possible to combine the first two or last two. Or you can also play a single one on its own, for example as an encore.

You can listen to the second miniature on this website, and the other three can be listened to on the publisher's website, where the sheet music is also available.

Instrumentation: violin, piano

Length: 16 min

2. miniature: (violin: Katrin Becht, piano: Julian Mörth, 2008):