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Tal der Maggia

“Tal der Maggia” was composed in 2011 as part of my composition lessons with Gerhard Fischer-Münster. He gave me the text and the task was to experiment with harmonies. This resulted in the cluster-like chords that run through the entire piece. You won't find a real melody in the piece; the singing voice is essentially "trapped" in an alternating note, whose dotted rhythm gives the Lied its only distinctive motif. The harmonic progression seems aimless and is not properly resolved until the end.

The lyrics of the song consist of three haikus by Sigrid Genzken-Dragendorff. The poetic form of the haiku has always had a strong appeal to me, as the brevity of the form requires very vivid images, but at the same time leaves the interpretation of the content completely open. Everyone can have their own asociations. 

The piece was premiered in 2018 by Susanne Schaeffer and me.

Three Haikus, by Sigrid Genzken-Dragendorff (1900-1985):

Über dem Tale

schwingt eine alte Brücke

Stein und Grazie.

Verlassenes Dorf,

Hütten mit leeren Augen;

erstarrtes Gestein.

Nur eine Katze

und eine uralte Frau

halten letzte Wacht.

Instrumentation: voice, piano

Length: 3 min

Mezzosoprano: Susanne Schaeffer, piano: Burkhard Schaeffer (low version)