Children's opera Peter Pan

The children's opera Peter Pan was created in 2018, commissioned by the Junge Oper Rhein-Main as a small-cast, mobile opera that can also be performed in schools with relatively little effort in order to introduce children to the world of opera. The piece premiered in October 2022 in the Boppard town hall with great success.

The opera tells the well-known story of Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Wendy and Michael, who fly together to Neverland, the place where dreams come true and no one ever grows up. Together they go on numerous adventures and ultimately have to fight side by side against the feared pirate captain Hook and his pirate crew.


Peter Pan (mezzo soprano), Wendy (soprano), Michael (soprano), Captain Hook (bass), Smee (tenor), Tinkerbell (child role, soprano), Mrs und Mr Darling (mute roles)

Die Verlorenen Kinder (children's choir), Die Piraten (men's choir)

flute, violin, bassoon, piano

Length: ca. 100 min

PETER PAN - Trailer