Maria durch ein Dornwald ging

This arrangement of one of the most beautiful Christmas songs ever was created in 2018 for a Christmas concert with a women's ensemble, in which, in addition to this piece, Britten's "Ceremony of Carols" and another piece by me, "Winter Stars" for women's choir and harp, were performed.

The first three verses are still very traditional with an increase from a solo voice to a verse with two voices to the third verse with all three voices. In the fourth verse, however, the piece suddenly leaves the familiar key for its climax through two shifts, only to return to G minor at the end of the verse.

Due to the key shifts, which are very reminiscent of the soundtrack from "Avatar", the piece has the unofficial nickname "Maria durch Pandora ging".

Choir: SSA

Length: 3.5 min

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Mörth Singers, Conductor: Julian Mörth, 2023