I wrote the Magnificat for soprano solo, choir and orchestra for a competition in 2013. The whole piece is built on a few motifs that run through all parts of the piece and appear in different colors and contexts. Another stylistic device are fugati, which occurevery now and again and alternate with lyrical, homophonic passages.

The climax is the "Fecit potentiam", in which the choir and orchestra have to give their all and in the end there is no stopping them. This is followed by a beautiful soprano solo with harp accompaniment, which stands in strong contrast to the "Fecit potentiam" and at the same time calms the mind again before the choir and orchestra build up to the brilliant ending.

Instrumentation: 3/2/2/3 4/3/3/1 Timpani, percussion (2), harp, strings, soprano solo, choir

Length: 20 min

Computer generated recording: