Cantate Domino

The piece "Cantate Domino" was written in 2008 for the girls' choir MainzVokal for a Christmas concert, for which the girls' choir was expanded to include a few men.

It was one of my first choral works and contains many different compositional devices, such as fugati, overlays of different motifs and themes, as well as placing the same motif in different musical contexts.

The piece is divided into a moving beginning, which represents the excited whispering of many people in the face of the Lord's glory ("Cantate Domino canticum novum" - Sing a new song to the Lord) and is picked up again at the end of the piece. In between, a humble yet fervent prayer unfolds, said with the greatest possible gratitude and admiration for God ("Et benedicite nomini ejus quia mirabilia fecit" - and praise his name, for he does miracles).


Length: 5 min

Seattle Children's Chorus, 2013